2012 Programme
11th January 2012 Dr John Bourne AGM & Patron's address Précis
1st February 2012 Andrew Mullen Keith Murdoch & the Gallipoli Letter Précis
14th March 2012 Robert Watt The Red Army 1940-42 Précis
4th April 2012 Roger Salmon The Mechanization of British Regular Horsed Cavalry Between the Two World Wars Précis
9th May 2012 Nigel Dorrington Koniggratz: The battle that transformed Europe Précis
6th June 2012 David Sellers The Yom Kippur War, 1973 Précis
4th July 2012 Dr Spencer Jones An Aspect of the Boer War Précis
1st August 2012 Members' Evening Members' talks & displays Précis
5th September 2012 Dr Jim Storr King Arthur's Wars: The Anglo-Saxon Conquest of England - Major New Evidence Précis
3rd October 2012 Major Ian Passingham Battlefield Helicopters, Part 2: Afghanistan Précis
7th November 2012 Dr Jonathon Boff The Battle of Midway Précis
5th December 2012  Members' Evening Members' Quiz Night