2013 Programme
9th January 2013 Dr John Bourne AGM & Patron's address  
6th February 2013 Peter Macdonald Rhodesian Counter-Insurgency Operations:  Lessons Learned and Lost Précis
6th March 2013 Paul Handford Entente Cordiale: British Ambulance Committee Convoys on the Vosges front 1915 Précis
3rd April 2013 Martin Harrison The Yangtse Incident Précis
1st May 2013 David Baynham A History of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment & its Museum Précis
5th June 2013 Andy Lonergan The 21st Division in the Great War Précis
3rd July 2013 Andrew Lambert Burning down the White House: Britain, America and the War of 1812 Précis
7th August 2013 Members' Evening Members' talks & displays  
4th September 2013 David  Skillen Seeing the Elephant - The First Battle of Bull Run Précis
2nd October 2013 Paul Fantom Zeppelins over the Black Country Précis
6th November 2013 Tom Fremantle Nelson - The Foundations of Greatness Précis
4th December 2013  Members' Evening 15th Anniversary Members' Dinner