2017 Programme
11th January 2017 Dr John Bourne AGM & Patron's address: Two Hundred Years of the British Army: Some Reflections  
1st February 2017 Ron Gallivan The Battle of Crecy - 1346 Précis
1st March 2017 Dr Graham Cope Frederick, Duke of York and the French Revolutionary War Précis
5th April 2017 Carole Divall Wellington's Worst Scrape: The Burgos Campaign 1812 Précis
3rd May 2017 Dr Roger Salmon The Mounted Charge – Fiction and Fact Précis
7th June 2017 Eugene Rogan 1917: Turning Point in the Great War in the Middle East Précis
5th July 2017 Dr John Peaty Lawrence:  The Man, The Myth & The Movie Précis
2nd August 2017 Members' Evening Members' talks & displays Précis
6th September 2017 Dr Dan Whittingham Sir Charles Callwell (1859-1928): Soldier, Scholar, Strategist Précis
4th October 2017 Robert Hope The Intombi River Incident Précis
1st November 2017 Dr Chris Wyatt Prussian Problems in the Wars of Unification II: The Battles of Langensalza and Trautenau in 1866 Précis
6th December 2017  Members' Evening Quiz plus Members' talks & displays