2018 Programme
10th January 2018 Dr John Bourne AGM & Patron's address  
7th February 2018 Dr Bob Watt  The historical significance of the Apache Campaigns Précis
7th March 2018 Dr Adam Dighton 'English Strategy': The Controversial Life of General Sir Edward Hamley, 1824-1893 Précis
4th April 2018 Ian Baulch-Jones Getting more “bang for your buck” - weapons development through the ages Précis
2nd May 2018 Chris Baker The Battle of the Lys, April 1918 Précis
6th June 2018 Dr Peter Gray The Mighty Phantom: Personal Recollections of the F-4 During the Cold War Précis
4th July 2018 Warwick Louth In Covenant with the Devil: Monmouth's First Rebellion Précis
1st August 2018 Members' Evening  Members' talks & displays  
5th September 2018 Dr Jim Storr Romania in the Great War Précis
10th October 2018
Dr Chris Wyatt The Wars of Unification III: The Franco-Prussian War Précis
7th November 2018 Dr John Bourne 100 years of study - WW1 historical research then, now and onward Précis
5th December 2018  Members' Evening Members' talks & displays