2018 Programme
10th January 2018 Dr John Bourne AGM & Patron's address  
7th February 2018 Dr Bob Watt  The historical significance of the Apache Campaigns  
7th March 2018 Dr Adam Dighton 'English Strategy': The Controversial Life of General Sir Edward Hamley, 1824-1893  
4th April 2018 Ian Baulch-Jones Getting more “bang for your buck” - weapons development as a competitive advantage through the ages  
2nd May 2018 Chris Baker The Battle of the Lys, April 1918  
6th June 2018 Dr Peter Gray TBC (something on Air Power!)  
4th July 2018 Warwick Louth In Covenant with the Devil: Monmouth's First Rebellion  
1st August 2018 Members' Evening  Members' talks & displays  
5th September 2018 Dr Jim Storr Romania in the Great War  
10th October 2018
Dr Chris Wyatt The Wars of Unification III: The Franco-Prussian War  
7th November 2018 Dr John Bourne 100 years of study - WW1 historical research then, now and onward  
5th December 2018  Members' Evening Themed Quiz & Members' displays