2020 Programme
8th January 2020 Bill Pyke The 1962 Cuba Missile Crisis  
5th February 2020 Dr Bob Watt Nana's Campaign, 1880-81  
4th March 2020 Phil McCarty Topic:  WW2 Brigadiers  
1st April 2020 Dr John Bourne AGM & Patron's address  
6th May 2020 Trevor Harvey Brigadier-Generals - mere oilers of the works?  
3rd June 2020 Steven Paget Magpies and Eagles: 2 Squadron RAAF and the experience of coalition warfare in Vietnam  
1st July 2020 Roy Larkin Le Voie Sacree - The Road that Saved Verdun  
5th August 2020 Members' Evening  Members' talks & displays  
2nd September 2020      
7th October 2020      
4th November 2020      
2nd December 2020  Members' Evening Themed Quiz & Members' displays